Wednesday, 9 August 2017



Today I am going to the movies but my brother has to 
go to school. We have to keep it a secret I am going to take my neighbours Caitlin and natile. We watch Despicable me 3.
We had popcorn and a drink each everyone had coke and i had  raspberry. The movie was really cool but sadly it had to end. I wish I could go see it again.

Today i made a marae out of  ice block sticks. I am nearly done.
I ran out so i had to stop. Hopefully mum gets me more. 

It's the day i go to otaki to help my Nan move
into her new house. (comment down bellow if you've 
been to otaki). I had so much fun and on the way, Mum bought me a pizza roll it was a Delicious BBQ flavor. The best part of it was Mum taking us to the DVD shop to pick out a DVD each, I chose monster Christmas when I watched it it was scary.

Now it is the time I tell you about the best part of the holiday's. My best friends birthday her name is Camryn. We had so much fun we did a mini amazing race. No wounder it was called amazing I got paired with Taylah another one of my best friends. 
Christina and Camryns auntie Sally won. It was so cool and I hope that my birthday will be as great as that. :-) <3          

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