Thursday, 7 September 2017

How to make a salad

How to make a salad-  Ingredients Lettuce, Mini Tomatoes,  Big Bowl, Carrots Cucumber, Purple onion, Green pepper'

Step One
Wash lettuce very good so
It will not be dirty  cut  it into
Small pieces and but in
 Step Two                      Step four                               Wash your hands and   
Chop up the tomatoes into very            then mix salad with
small pieces and place in bowl                  your hands.                    
         very carefully.
Step three                   Step five                      
Cut up all the vegetables            Put in fridge for five min.
Into small nice pieces. Nicely               (Enjoy!!!)
put them in the bowl.  



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  1. Well done Piper!I love how you you described everything on how to make an amazing salad.It sounds delicious and i'll try it at home for dinner!Ka pai,and keep up the amazing work!